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One thing is clear immediately about Thierry van Reine: once he has an idea in his head, he’ll keep at it until he succeeds.
Thierry van Reine, son of former international event rider Ramon van Reine, attended all the major eventing competitions that Alice Naber-Lozeman participated in before he could walk. ACSI, Ramon van Reine’s company, has sponsored Alice Naber for 20 years. It’s logical that little Thierry was keen to start riding. His parents allowed him to start once he had received his basic swimming diplomas. “Thierry never mentioned riding again. Sabine and I both thought, it’d blow over. We’ll never forget him running towards us with his last swimming diploma held triumphantly, shouting: “and now I can start riding!”, says Ramon van Reine.

Thierry van Reine

For 2019, Thierry wants to learn as much as possible with his amazing horses, and has his eyes on being part of the YR team at the European Championship in his own country, in Maarsbergen.

About Thierry van Reine

Van Reine

First names

Thierry Xavier

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Eventing Young Riders

KNHS Talent Team

member of talent plan 2015, team member category ponies 2016, category juniors 2017, 2018


Alice Naber-Lozeman (cross), Cees de Feijter (jumping), Marrigje van Baalen (dressage)


mother Sabine van Reine


Edouard Adriaensen

Team veterinarian

Justin Maarse


Dirk Jan de Kievit


Jarko Dun

National Coach

Marcelle de Kam

Training schedules

Carolien Munsters van Moxie Sport

ACSI Harry Belafonte

(Heraldix xx Zamiro x Weinstern, brown gelding 2003, breeder Karl-Heinz & Christa Backhaus), owners Ramon and Sabine van Reine.


(exGlyborg, Obourg x Diplomatique, gelding, fox, 2006, BWP, breeder Luc van Hooydonck, Belgium), owners Ramon and Sabine van Reine.

ACSI Green Arrow

(exGudo Mascha V, Arthos R x Derrick x Lector, KWPN, gelding fox 2011, breeder H. Visscher, Rouveen), owners Ramon and Sabine van Reine.

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EK Jr Fontainebleau 2018
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About his horses

Thierry van Reine trains hard to improve Piet. “Piet is actually very sensitive. He has a certain way of doing things. He found jumping quite difficult, and he’s quick to get stiff in dressage. But by focusing on training him to jump, he’s improved so much! Piet is very special to me because of his character. He enjoys what he does so much, he always wants to work for you!”, says Thierry.
Since November 2018, Thierry has taken on ACSI Harry Belafonte from Alice Naber, and this is a great opportunity for him. “It’s really cool that I can now ride him! Don’t misunderstand – he’s a very good, but also a very difficult horse. He’s actually a little autistic and gets stressed quickly. Riding him is a big challenge, but I can learn so much from him. I’m going to seize the opportunity with both hands.”

More about Thierry

Riding at the stables started with once per week, then twice, three times, then four. In the end it was time for him to have his own first pony: Sonja. “It wasn’t easy”, says Thierry. “It took me five competitions to gain 1 point in dressage, which allowed me to start jumping! But she’d always stopped instead of jumping. It was a bit easier with Monte Carlo, my next pony. But my father said I could only go cross-country once I had reached both Z-dressage and Z-jumping. Eventually we reached Z2 (Advanced Medium) in dressage and ZZ (advanced) in jumping”, says Thierry.
In 2015, Thierry was selected for both dressage and eventing at the KNHS talent plan selection day. He chose eventing, a discipline which fitted very well with his stallion pony Zapp. “My pony riding career ended nicely with a second place with Zapp at the Dutch Championship in Barchem in 2016”, says Thierry. A new horse, Piet, then came into the picture for Thierry, from Martin Lips – and then things started to go fast: in 2017, Thierry rode Piet in the juniors team at the European Championship in Millstreet, and again in 2018 in Fontainebleau.

Thierry completed his secondary education at the Stedelijk Gymnasium in Nijmegen, and has been studying Business Administration at Radboud University in Nijmegen since 2018.