15 September 2023

ACSI team member Leida Naber to EC Eventing Jr

ACSI team member Leida Naber and ACSI Ginco de Hus have been delegated to the European Eventing Championships for Juniors and Young Riders. It will be a long trip: the European Championships will take place in Montelibretti in Italy, close to Rome, from 13 to 17 September. Last weekend the final observation competition for the […]

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23 August 2023

ACSI Eventing team expanded with Jantien Naber

15-year-old Jantien Naber from Biddinghuizen has been included in the ACSI Eventing team.”That is very special!”, says the good-humoured Jantien. Director Ramon van Reine says: “The Naber family has enjoyed the support of ACSI for years. From 2020, Leida has already been part of the ACSI team. The time has come for Jantien to officially […]

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13 August 2023

European Eventing Championship brings TeamNL to Olympic Games Paris

Haras du Pin (KNHS) – TeamNL’s eventing riders may go to Paris! At the FEI European Eventing Championships, Andrew Heffernan, Janneke Boonzaaijer and Sanne de Jong clinched the coveted Olympic ticket. The best two teams not yet placed at the European Championships earned a team ticket OS Paris. Those best two teams ended up being […]

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16 February 2022

20-year-old Olympic ACSI Peter Parker retires

Owners Yvonne Smit and Ramon van Reine and rider Alice Naber have decided to withdraw ACSI Peter Parker from the sport. He will enjoy his well-earned retirement at Naber Stables in Biddinghuizen. Already 14 years ago Yvonne Smit and Ramon van Reine bought the Irish gelding Peter Parker for Alice in England. The Irish-bred thoroughbred […]

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11 October 2021

Thierry van Reine wins bronze medal at Dutch NC Boekelo

Thierry van Reine and his 18-year-old star ACSI Harry Belafonte won bronze at his first Dutch national championships with the seniors, at the 50th Military Boekelo. “My first NC with the seniors and my first long four star! I am so terribly happy,” says Thierry van Reine. “What a fantastic week this was, culminating in […]

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20 February 2020

Looking forward to 2020: Janneke Boonzaaijer

Janneke Boonzaaijer shows her horses and plans for 2020 at home at Equestrian Centre De Schalm in Renswoude. She has learned a lot from last year, she says. “My first year in the ACSI Eventing team was a year of highs and lows.” “From the lows I learned to follow my own feeling, sense and […]

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6 February 2020

Looking forward to 2020: Thierry van Reine

Thierry van Reine unfolds his plans for 2020 on his 20th birthday. “I’m mega motivated. I have happy horses in the stable! The pleasure in the sport of my horses and myself is everything!”. Thierry van Reine has a double goal for 2020. “That is to keep my ‘old hands’  in rhythm  and to ride […]

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24 December 2019

Season Wishes

Very best wishes for you and your beloved. Our ACSI Eventing Team including Alice Naber-Lozeman, Janneke Boonzaaijer, Thierry van Reine and Leida Naber cannot wait to see you all back in good health and shape in 2020.

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13 December 2019

Leida Naber included in ACSI Eventing Team

ANDELST/BIDDINGHUIZEN – As of 2020 Leida Naber (14) will be part of the ACSI Eventing Team, established in April 2019. “That’s almost unbelievable, isn’t it? Who gets such a great opportunity? With only 14 years of age, being asked to join such a great team”, Leida Naber reacts happily.   ACSI Peter Parker to Leida […]

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11 December 2019

Alice Naber praises golden dedication of ACSI Peter Parker

“If every eventer had the will of ACSI Peter Parker, his character, it would look very good for the eventing world! That’s what Alice Naber-Lozeman says, now that she has come to the end of her competition career with ACSI Peter Parker (born 2002). Alice started with ACSI Peter Parker at no less than 53 […]

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6 November 2019

Chris Burton, Merel Blom & Ingrid Klimke about the ACSI Arrêt

  BOEKELO – Merel Blom, Chris Burton and Ingrid Klimke about Military Boekelo – Enschede, about the game, about the warm welcome we facilitated in the ACSI Arrêt.

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7 October 2019

ACSI Peter Parker not in Boekelo, ACSI Champ de Tailleur topfit

BIDDINGHUIZEN/ANDELST- ACSI Eventing team member Alice Naber Lozeman (48) has had to withdraw from Boekelo. ACSI Peter Parker is not fit to compete due to a small sensitivity. In consultation with team veterinarian Leendert-Jan Hofland and sponsor ACSI it was decided not to let him start. Alice Naber says: “Very sad, but it would be […]

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10 September 2019

Alice Naber looks at the European Championship from an official point of view

LUHMÜHLEN – Gert Naber was technical delegate of the FEI during the European Championships eventing in Luhmühlen. His wife Alice experienced a European Championship for the first time through the eyes of officials. She gives her impressions from another perspective!   “It started already differently than usual when I was lodged at Gert’s hotel especially […]

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4 June 2019

Disappointments for the ACSI-teamriders in Renswoude

RENSWOUDE – The Renswoude Horse Trials organised at the beautiful home property of the Boonzaayer family has ended in great disappointment for ACSI-teammembers Thierry van Reine and Janneke Boonzaaijer. Thierry could not raise the bar with ACSI Piet in the Dutch YR-championship. Janneke did not even make a proper start in the three day event […]

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3 May 2019

Safety in eventing: KNHS develops several initiatives

OUDKARSPEL – The Dutch eventing season started last weekend with the Holland Dutch Horse Trials on the grounds around the home of the Beukers family in Oudkarspel. At the same time, there was a retraining course for Dutch cross builders, KWPN Noord-Holland and KNHS together organised a clinic run by former team veterinarian Jan Greve […]

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15 April 2019

ACSI Eventing Team

ZETTEN – after 20 years of ACSI Sponsorship for Alice Naber-Lozeman, ACSI is pleased to introduce a follow-up initiative: a whole eventing team. The ACSI Eventing Team consists of senior rider Alice Naber-Lozeman (48) and two successful riders, Janneke Boonzaaijer (22) and Thierry van Reine (19). This means that there are now two commercial Dutch […]

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29 January 2019

Coming together is a beginning, working together a success

BR Equestrian Equipment & ACSI Eventing Team Horses are our life. We enjoy all special friendships and genuine relationships arising from the horse world. Horse riding is team work: bring out the best in each other. This vision is the base for our collaboration with the ACSI Eventing Team. Why do we believe in this […]

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