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After 20 years of sponsoring eventing rider Alice Naber-Lozeman, ACSI has now expanded its sponsorship to create an ACSI Eventing Team. As well as senior rider Alice Naber-Lozeman, the team consists of Janneke Boonzaaijer, Janneke Naber, Leida Naber, Thierry van Reine

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You need to be reliable. In my company ACSI, that’s a key concept, along with objectivity. And in the field, it applies to both horse and rider. It’s great that the first promising strides my father took in establishing ACSI across Europe have now led into great strides by the eventing horses of the ACSI team!” says Ramon van Reine, CEO of ACSI.

Ramon van Reine, CEO of ACSI

The goal of the ACSI Eventing Team is to give the sport of eventing a positive boost in the Netherlands, and to support it more broadly. All of the top horses at international level that make up the team can now carry the powerful ACSI prefix to their names.

Alice Naber regards ‘her’ ACSI team as an amazing opportunity: “If there’s one sport you need a whole team for, it’s eventing. I’m very grateful and happy with this development! I’ll do all I can to make this a flourishing team, and to help my team members however I can!”.


Let’s go back 20 years. Back then, when Ramon van Reine stopped his own international eventing career, he immediately started sponsoring Alice Naber through his company ACSI.

Alice’s efforts together with this sponsorship led to her participation in several Dutch Championships, European Championships and the World Cup in Tyron in the United States in 2018.

Of course a highlight until nowwas her successful participation in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Now, the big aim is to take part in another Olympic Games, hopefully starting with Tokyo in 2020.

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Ramon van Reine with Rock of Massada Boekelo 1984

At several eventing shows, ACSI will invite clients to enjoy the sport and each other’s company. Ramon van Reine: “When I stopped international competing, every eventing competition that Alice Naber competed in with an ACSI horse was my welcome free time. It was a favourite sporty little holiday. I love to share that experience with my clients.”

The three trucks that the teammembers use drive several thousand kilometres through Europe to take part in competitions, and of course they are noticed by ACSI’s European customers. This makes the ACSI Eventing Team a great way for ACSI to promote her various brands such as ACSI, Suncamp Holidays and Sunlodge across Europe.

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Reliable and objective. These are the two key words for ACSI, Europe’s camping specialist. The familiar green camping guide has been providing campers with information since 1965. The guide grew from covering just 55 campsites, to covering more than 10,000 campsites across Europe, all of which are visited and inspected every year. The power of ACSI is therefore that all the information is always up to date and very reliable.
ACSI does much more than ensuring that holiday makers have a great camping holiday – they also provide general information about camping on the internet, offer organised camping trips, ready to go camping accommodation across Europe, a discount card for camping (CampingCard ACSI), an ACSI Club ID card, and so on.

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