For as long as she can remember, all she could think of were pony or horse for little Alice. “I could ride a pony before I could walk,” says Alice with a wink. As a 2-year-old, she was already climbing onto the pony that was attached to a fence at the farm via an overturned bucket.

The eventing history  were passed on by her father Gerrit Lozeman at the same time as her dealings with mounts and riding adventures. Her first pony was called Eminent, bred by Piet van der Schans and named after the grey with which her father’s best friend Piet, as the only member of the Dutch Olympic team, had ridden out the Munich military in 1972. Her second pony also had a historic name with Kimbel, the same name as Huub Jansen’s horse for the 1978 World Championships in Kentucky.

Alice Naber-Lozeman

For 2019, the aim of course is that the Netherlands will gain the desired ticket for participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. That’s a goal Alice is keen to contribute to via the European Championship.

About Alice Naber-Lozeman


First name

Alice Maria

Call sign


Date of birth


Marital status

married to Gert


Leida (2005), Jantien (2008)



Sub sponsors

BR, Cavalor, Country Mill, Devoucoux, FreeRoad, Topfit



Own teaching and training venue

Alice Eventing School Biddinghuizen


Eventing Seniors


Andrew Heffernan


Joyce Heutink (dressage), husband Gert Naber (show jumping and cross country), at the framework training sessions Andrew Heffernan


onePK Paardenpraktijk Kersten, Leendert Jan Hofland


Wijgert Gooijer

Stimulator and motivator

husband Gert Naber


Alberdina Buiskool Leeuwma

National coach

Andrew Heffernan

Team vet

Leendert Jan Hofland


2015, bay gelding, Global Express, owner Astrid Baxter


2012, bay gelding, Charisma x Tolan R, breeder H.B.C. Stables, owner Naber-Lozeman VOF

“I ride fewer horses now than I used to and spend a lot more time training. And I get a lot of satisfaction from that,” says Alice. “My training goal in general is to train horses and give them confidence. And now I’m helping our own girls and other students with that. Helping them become better riders and develop as people, that will benefit them all their lives! Winning can and should never be your goal. Everything is about improving communication with your horse. Improving communication makes horses run more smoothly. And that makes me happy too,” says Alice.

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More about Alice

Alice rode her first European Championship as a Junior with the extraordinary Why Not in 1987 in Pratoni del Vivaro.She also rode Why Not that year at the European Championships for National Riders in Oud-Heverlee, Belgium, where her later husband Gert Naber also competed in the team with Owijntje. Meanwhile, Alice was also taking the Schoevers course for secretarial work, but it still became full time work in the horses instead of in the office! There are many more wonderful championships to mention. Becoming Dutch eventing champion is almost a habit with the Naber-Lozeman family. Father Gerrit Lozeman was honoured as champion in 1969. In 2000, 2004, 2008, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, Alice became Dutch champion. In between, brother Henk Jan captured the title in 2005, while husband Gert Naber won in 2001. What a history!

Of course, the Olympics are and will remain the highest aspiration of top athletes. At the 2015 European Championships in Britain’s Blair Castle, Alice and ACSI Peter Parker captured fourth place with the team. In 2016, the time had come and Alice, at 45, rode her first Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro! With ACSI Peter Parker, she achieved a stunning 6th place with the team; individually she came 32nd. “This really tasted like more. I definitely want to do this again and then better! If you are fit yourself, you are never too old for such a great goal,” says Alice.

Ramon van Reine of ACSI is intertwined with Alice’s life.

“As long as I can remember, Ramon van Reine has been supporting me with one or more horses and is present at our competitions,” says Alice, “our competitions are one big cosy family event. First I saw their son Thierry in the pram at the races, later they saw our little daughters Leida and Jantien. Our girls grew up at the races and started riding plenty. And that eventually resulted in the inclusion of both daughters is the ACSI team. I am grateful for that!”

Alice Naber and her husband Gert have their training accommodation and stables in Biddinghuizen in the Netherlands’ youngest province of Flevoland. The Alice Eventing School is also located there. Motivated riders can take advantage of the good training facilities to get better at the eventing sport There has been investment in some new obstacles on the eventing grounds and there are nice flats with lodging facilities.