“Maybe it’s even more true for me than it is for my mother that horseback riding is something I learned at my mother’s knee”, says Leida Naber with a smile.
“It really comes from all sides, from both parents and grandparents. And I grew up at the races. I don’t think I’ve missed an edition of Boekelo since I was born… I can’t imagine my life without riding and the eventing sport.”

So despite her youth, Leida has seen an incredible number of eventing shows. “Now that I’m in the eventing sport myself, I’m not easily impressed by the course or fences. I have seen them much more difficult in my mothers practice”, says Leida soberly.

The fun of the eventing sport is that you’re working on disciplines. Leida: “There is a lot of variation, so a horse doesn’t get bored easily. There is always something else to do.”
For herself, she sees a lot to learn and improve in all disciplines. “Dressage, jumping, crosscountry, plenty of learning moments! And you have to make miles. You learn more from every mistake in the crosscountry than from a faultless race,” says Leida.
Leida likes crosscountry the most: “Of course, that’s why I do it all. But apart from crosscountry, I like everything: training, riding outside, dressage, taking care of the horse, having fun at our riding club the Flevoruiters, having fun with my horseriding friends, I know all of them since the pony club, that’s what I like as well”.

Leida Naber
About Leida Naber
Date of birth:




Sub sponsors:




Riding club:


Lesson and training location:

Alice Eventing School Biddinghuizen


Eventing Juniors, B-selection with ACSI ZamZam

National coach:

Marcelle de Kam


Alice Naber, Gert Naber, Kees de Feijter, Marcelle de Kam team training courses.


Alice Naber


one HP Horse practice Kersten http://www.eenpk.nl/


Pieter Metting van Rijn

Stimulators and motivators:

My parents, sister Jantien and grandfather Gerrit Lozeman


Marcelle de Kam https://www.knhs.nl/mediaguide/mediaguide/ruiters/kam-marcelle-de/

Team veterinarian:

Leendert Jan Hofland https://www.dapbodegraven.nl/


Zangersheide, bay gelding 2013 Thunder van de Zuuthoeve x Le Tot de Semilly, breeder Eurohorse BVBA

Ginko de Hus

SF, Gelding Fox 2016 v Kannan x Prestige Pilot, breeder Harras de Hus, Petit-Mars

“Above all, I want to learn to ride much better! And then, of course, the ultimate goal I dream about is one day the Olympic Games! My goal for 2020 is of course the European Championships in Hartpury, England. I was born in 2005 and still have many years of youth to go, first for the time being with the juniors,” says Leida.

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More about Leida

Leida cycles up and down 15 km every day to her high school, the atheneum of the Almere College in Dronten. So she doesn’t lack excercise. When in winter, after the eventing season, the skating rink is open again, Leida and her sister Jantien can also be found there on a regular basis. “And after school I usually ride two or three horses. That way I can make it through the week”, laughs Leida.