23 August 2023

ACSI Eventing team expanded with Jantien Naber

15-year-old Jantien Naber from Biddinghuizen has been included in the ACSI Eventing team.”That is very special!”, says the good-humoured Jantien.

Director Ramon van Reine says: “The Naber family has enjoyed the support of ACSI for years. From 2020, Leida has already been part of the ACSI team. The time has come for Jantien to officially join it. She handles the sport in a good way and has earned this.”

“Actually, everything in my life is very cool,” Jantien responds, “I am participating in something I have seen my whole life, from my older sister Leida and from my parents. Something I’ve wanted to do all my life. And then I also have the enormous luck of being allowed to be on the ACSI team. How cool is that!”

Jantien Naber is a schoolgirl, but also breathes eventing. “Because of all the watching, it is now so much fun and also so natural to be able to do this myself. I’ve been counting down the years that I would officially be allowed to start internationally at 14. Last year it was finally there, in Arville, Belgium.” It became an international dream debut straight away with ACSI Barnadown Lucky B.

Jantien Naber says: “Of course I also have my girlfriends, but my horses are also my friends. ACSI Barnadown B Lucky or ‘Lucky’ for short immediately whinnies at me in the stables when I get there. He is always cheerful! Just like me! We trust each other through and through when we are riding. That’s wonderful.”

Former event rider and CEO of ACSI Ramon van Reine concludes, “In the field, reliability is the basis for people and animals. In our company ACSI, reliability and objectivity are the key words. Really lovely that we can now welcome and support  promising young jumps from a new rider in the ACSI team!”