6 February 2020

Looking forward to 2020: Thierry van Reine

Thierry van Reine unfolds his plans for 2020 on his 20th birthday. “I’m mega motivated. I have happy horses in the stable! The pleasure in the sport of my horses and myself is everything!”.

Thierry van Reine has a double goal for 2020.
“That is to keep my ‘old hands’  in rhythm  and to ride the European Championships in Hartpury and Boekelo. And to build up my young horses and let them grow in the sport.”

Thierry’s got a 7-year-old grey. His brother Rémy came up with the name: ACSI Skywalker (Up to Date x Vingino). “A super fitting name: he floats through the air in his collected trot and big canter. He jumps like a dream. I’m now getting him used to natural obstacles in the terrain. Alphen-Chaam on March 22nd and Etten Leur on April 5th are on his calendar for the L”, says Thierry.

ACSI Green Arrow will show his qualities for the first time nationally this season. “If his approach in the field continues like this, he may go international,” Thierry promises.

With ACSI Piet Thierry will ride short ** competitions to stay in rhythm. With ACSI Harry Belafonte the goal is to appear at the start of the EC eventing for the youth in Hartpury. The first match will therefore only be Renswoude (27-31 May). “And the goal is to continue training to obtain senior level. Riding a 4* is really a kick,” adds Thierry.

Looking forward to the 2020 season
Thierry’s horses get out of their stables three times a day. To be ridden, lunged, on the walker. “And at least twice a week I’m hacking in the woods. That’s how they stay happy, motivated horses. I’m incredibly looking forward to the 2020 season,” concludes Thierry van Reine, who in the meantime resolutely continues his university studies in Business Administration in Nijmegen.

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