11 December 2019

Alice Naber praises golden dedication of ACSI Peter Parker

“If every eventer had the will of ACSI Peter Parker, his character, it would look very good for the eventing world! That’s what Alice Naber-Lozeman says, now that she has come to the end of her competition career with ACSI Peter Parker (born 2002).

Alice started with ACSI Peter Parker at no less than 53 international eventing competitions. Ozzy’ as he is called at home ran with Alice Boekelo six times, he won the Dutch Championship eventing one after the other in 2013, 2014 and 2015. “And in 2017 he finished sixth and second in the DC behind Tim Lips. Ozzy made my Olympic dream come true. Unbelievable…. He has stirred up the fire in such a way that I would like nothing more than to experience the Olympic Games as a rider again.”


Not always feeling wonderful

ACSI Peter Parker has a golden will. “But when I was training him, I often thought that I was at the limit of his powers,” says Alice. “He didn’t really give me the best feeling in the course, he always just made it. When I rode 1* races with him, I thought, he can’t handle a 2*.  When I rode a 2* with him, I thought again a level higher is too much. But in 2013 he won a 3*! In total he has won 6 international shows. And finally he made my Olympic dream come true in 2016.”

The whole family worked for this dream: thanks to the consistent aquatics training accompanied by husband Gert he became significantly stronger,  aquatics training is still regularly included in his schedule.


Not one without the other

The special thing with both her international ACSI horses ACSI Harry Belafonte and ACSI Peter Parker is also, says Alice Naber, that thanks to one she could ride so well with the other. Alice: “ACSI Harry Belafonte started as Coral Estate Harry Belafonte with us. He has such an incredible amount of power. With him I was able to finish the toughest cross country of all in Badminton! With ACSI Peter Parker that would really not have been possible. When the support by Coral Estate ended, for which I will always be grateful, ACSI took over Harry Belafonte at the end of 2016. In short, without one I wouldn’t have been able to ride so well with the other!”.


“ACSI Peter Parker always does his best for 100%”, concludes Alice, “Ozzy is an incredible workhorse. I will never forget his Boekelo races, the Games and his victory in the Nations Cup of Vairano in 2018. A horse with a golden will, a golden commitment, a golden character. I will still ride him regularly and further enjoy what he will teach our daughter Leida Naber. So I can be happy and proud of both!!”.

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