16 February 2022

20-year-old Olympic ACSI Peter Parker retires

Owners Yvonne Smit and Ramon van Reine and rider Alice Naber have decided to withdraw ACSI Peter Parker from the sport. He will enjoy his well-earned retirement at Naber Stables in Biddinghuizen.

Already 14 years ago Yvonne Smit and Ramon van Reine bought the Irish gelding Peter Parker for Alice in England. The Irish-bred thoroughbred gelding Peter Parker (I’m Supposin xx x Four Burrow xx x Romulus xx) was then 6 years old. His breeders: J & S. Sommer.

Good sense
Alice says: “ACSI Peter Parker became my friend straight away. How clever he was! A real thoroughbred, so clever, my husband Gert and I often said and say to each other. This meant that he learned quickly. And the best thing about Peter Parker from day 1: he was always in a good mood. He always wanted to work!”

The commitment of ACSI Peter Parker did not mean that everything went smoothly in the training. Alice remembers well that in the beginning of his training it was difficult to combine all that he had been taught: “One competition he was mediocre in dressage, the next we had a refusal in the cross country, the next time the jumping was not so good. But his ears were always forward. And he was always committed!”

With that commitment, ACSI Peter Parker eventually became a successful international horse. In 2016 the time had come and Alice, at the age of 45, experienced her first Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro with ACSI Peter Parker. The team came a magnificent 6th; individually Alice and ACSI Peter Parker came 32nd.
“At this point I would like to praise my husband Gert right away”, says Alice, “Gert went with ACSI Peter Parker to the aquatrainer twice a week for a long time to make him stronger. His heart and commitment were greater than his strength. The visits to the aqua trainer certainly meant that he was able to keep going!”

Special place
ACSI Peter Parker has a very special place in the Naber family. Alice says: “At home we call him Ozzy. He really is my friend and has done it all for me. All those long competitions he did, really unique. We still ride him every day, but his international retirement is granted with pleasure.”

Lottery ticket
Ramon van Reine stopped being an active rider in the eventing sport 22 years ago.  But his heart kept beating for the sport. Alice was immediately supported and with the ACSI Eventing team now also daughter Leida.
Ramon van Reine says: “With ACSI Peter Parker we really drew a lucky number in the lottery. At one point we thought he was not up to the long 3*. He actually lacked some jumping power for optimal results. But thanks to his efficient way of jumping and optimal training and guidance, he did it in the end. I am proud of what Alice and I were able to achieve with Peter Parker and I am very happy that he can spend his old days with the Naber family. The Lips family and Jeroen Dubbeldam, for example, also have their top horses in the field. We are following in their footsteps with ACSI Peter Parker. That is heart-warming!”

ACSI Peter Parker has competed in 54 eventing competitions registered by the FEI international governing body. ACSI Peter Parker competed in a total of 9 long 3* events, including Bramham, Saumur and the Rio Olympics. Of his starts he won six. One of those was the Nations Cup victory in Vairano in 2018. Now that competition is upgraded to a 4*.
Watch ACSI Peter Parker at the FEI

In 2013, 2014 and 2015 Alice and ACSI Peter Parker became Dutch eventing champions in Boekelo.  ACSI Peter Parker started in Boekelo six times. In 2017 the duo finished second behind Tim Lips with the third fastest time in Boekelo.
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